Development of high Throughput Architecture of Keccak Hash Function for Cryptography on FPGA

1 Perika Kalanwesh, 2 Thrived Dharbhashayanam

1Student at Sri Indu College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, India.

2 Design Engineer at Simpli5NG Semiconductor, Hyderabad, India


Security has become a very demanding parameter in today’s world of speed communication. It plays an important role in the network and communication fields where cryptographic processes are involved. These processes involve hash function generation which is a one-way encryption code used for security of data. The main examples include digital signatures, MAC (message authentication codes) and in smart cards. Keccak, the SHA-3 (secure hash algorithm) has been discussed in this paper which consists of padding and permutation module. This is a one way encryption process. High level of parallelism is exhibited by this algorithm. This has been implemented on FPGA. The implementation process is very fast and effective. The algorithm aims at increasing the throughput and reducing the area.

Index Terms- Cryptography, encryption, FPGA, hash function, permutation, security.