Implementation of Novel DTA (Novel Decision Tree Data Mining Algorithm) on University Students Behaviour in Sharing Information on Facebook using Data Mining

Authors Name:  Er. Navneet Kaur1, Er. Jasdeep Singh Mann2

M.Tech Scholar1, BMSCE, Sri Muktsar Sahib, Punjab, India.

Assistant Professor2 (Dept. of CSE), BMSCE, Sri Muktsar Sahib, Punjab, India


In this research paper, we have shown Social networking sites have gained massive eminence because of the opportunities they give people to connect to each other in an easy and timely manner. Evidently, the fastest growing ecumenical social network during the past few years is Facebook. Although its popularity is declining in Europe and America, number of Facebook users in Thailand, especially in Bangkok is still growing as reported by the Electronics Transaction Development Agency (Thailand), and Siam News-Network that

Bangkok achieves has the highest rank in number of Facebook users in the world where as the age of majority users is the youth. Data mining is used for a variety of purposes in both the publicprivate and sectors. Industries such as sharing information, banking, insurance, medicine, and retailing commonly use data mining to enhance research,reduce costs, and increase sales. For example, the insurance and banking industries use data mining applications to detect fraud and assist in risk assessment.

Keywords: NovelDTA, CART, IDTA, C4.5.