A Survey on Uses of Data Mining Technology for IoT Services

Authors Name:  Jitendra Joshi

JVW, University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


Internet of things is a technological field that is limited to storage and computation in internet. It contains objects with sensors having softwares and network connectivity. It is really an impossible task to connect all the devices to internet, but it became possible through the use of internet of things technology. In near future IoT can change our lives very dramatically through its various applications in real life. The data gathered or generated through the applications of IoT is very useful in the daily life. Its really very valuable. This valuable and useful information can be more convenient through the use of data mining. Data mining can make IoT more and more efficient. It will make the system smart. In this paper we will discuss about the IoT, uses of IoT applications, the data mining techniques that can be used in it and the issues, challenges and potentials of using it.

Keywords: Internet of Things, data mining, Computation