FRAGMENTATION: Easy Way to Retrieve Records in DDBMS

Authors Name: Preetpal Kaur 

Assistant Professor in Computer Science, Guru Nanak National College(co-ed) Nakodar (Punjab)


In this paper, fragmentation technique of distributed database system is used to retrieve data fast and generate new table from social network user database. This database has the data of users related to social networking site. The data can be retrieved according to the requirement of any organization with the help of fragmentation technique. In fragmentation, the new table will be generated from the global relation with required fields and rows. However, selected by rows, selected by columns and combination of both selections are provided by fragmentation in distributed database management system. In this scenario, DDBMS distribute data or set of data over more than one computer for ease of availability. Fragmentation is the key feature of DDBMS.

Keywords: DDBMS; Subset; Global Relation, Hybrid Fragmentation