A simplified approach of SPI Service Model in Cloud Computing

Authors Name: Preetpal Kaur 

Assistant Professor in Computer Science, Guru Nanak National College Nakodar (Punjab)


In this paper, SPI model described with its offered services at software, platform and infrastructure level which are more beneficial for the users as well as for small enterprises. Cloud computing narrates a latest companion, storage and distribution model for IT services based on internet protocols. It basically provides dynamically scalable and virtualized resources. To illustrate the purpose of cloud computing is that if we have a lot of stuff like applications, files, videos ,music, e-books and we constantly face problem of storage or space to save another stuff in computer. With the help of this reality technique, all the stuff can be store on the internet space of the worldwide web instead of limited space of computer hard drives. Not only that the cloud computing gives the ability to access the data anywhere and anytime because user’s information saved at the web server. This type of services can be achieved only by SPI model in the form of  Iaas, Paas and Saas which are the root services  for the entire service model perform intellectual role in real day to day life has been defined. In this paper, new real life example has been taking which has the valuable role to understand the purpose of service model. New techniques has also been shown which are approachable by SPI model easily.

Keywords: IaaS , Paas, Saas, SPI,Virtualmachines, Application performance metrics(APM),Virtual machine(VM).