A Study on Human Genome Sequences for Detecting Inherited Diseases Using Optimized Methods

Authors Name: J.Viba Mary 


This research is concerned with the study of the gene and analysis of the Human Genome using Sequence Analysis efficiently and effectively in order to detect the inherited diseases carrying gene. The Genome sequencing, especially in humans, has been helpful in identifying inherited diseases in human body. An optimized method is used to predict these inherited disease causing genes located in DNA. This paper describes the existing methods developed for detecting the inherited diseases in the gene. The objective of this paper is to summarize and compare the well known methods applied in finding the inherited Diseases has made become a valuable one in medical field as well as to the society.

Keywords: Human Genome Sequences, Inherited diseases, Optimized methods, Sequence Analysis

Dids Link : http://dids.info/didslink/07.2017-27177619