Survey on security of Internet of Things in eHealth and clouds

Authors Name: N.Sriram 


The technology of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud has exposed devices to vulnerabilities. As they are distributed, the different devices communicate real time information to open, private or hybrid clouds, with the possibility of collecting, storing and analyzing big data streams in new forms. In the healthcare context, the increased deployment of IoT devices makes patient information a subject to malicious attacks depending on the security and privacy of the IoT devices. While a number of researchers have explored such security challenges and open problems in IoT, there is a lack of a systematic study of the security challenges in the IoT for eHealth on clouds. In this paper, we aim at bridging this gap by conducting a thorough analysis of IoT security Vulnerability. We present then security challenges in the cloud for eHealth domain and recent proposed solutions. We also provide a proposition of an IoT system in the cloud.

Keywords: IoT, Cloud, e-health, Security

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