Authors Name: Ms.V.Loganayaki 


Contemporary educations have gone iniquitous.  Politics have even made its mark in education, early from getting admission for a college and making graduation simple by letting the common assessment exams and semester questions out and pulling the concept of education into the No-Talent state!

It should be fine if there is a random questions generator that would pick questions according to the Designed Application specifically for a College/University with respect to its Blue Print and Weight-age and relying on feasible algorithm that is very easily applicable in any simple code block and in any language – B-Randomization Algorithm (it is introduced in this paper).  It is obvious that most of the institutions (every institution at times) are different with its Question paper pattern which varies from Subject to Subject and Department to Department.    When this is the case every college can have a uniquely designed application or software that does this work (Randomly generating Question papers).  This means that for every college, there has to be a firm which builds this software and does its maintenance and it gets paid in turn and this provides the opportunity to students/youths for their own start up.  This idea is highly workable since every subject pattern is not the same as other subject, every subject have individual pattern in every exams like, common assessment test, model exam, semester and etc., a single subject could have varying pattern in different semesters and every college might have a change in its pattern according to which this software is designed.  The probability stays high and there has to be individual question paper generator or a single generator could have changeable patterns where we could toggle to the required pattern.

B-Randomization Algorithm is all about making use of easily retrievable values which are un-predictable and implementing the resultant number (for count) in the series for picking up a number in random.  Once the number is picked up again this process is done to get another value in the series (series will have numbers/elements excluding previously picked numbers/elements).  This way the series or numbers or elements are finally randomized.

This method of randomization provide ease for the developers to design the software or application in any platform implementing the randomization codes on their own instead calling or using a complex packages/methods.  This process of generating question papers ensures universities confidentiality and faculties doesn’t have an option for going unfair by letting the questions out as those questions wouldn’t be known to them anyway before.  Taking the education system into a righteous path and making the Indian youths a better entrepreneur, starting from their career from inception (probably every college/university would need an entrepreneur to accomplish this.  May be, every department in a college could require such entrepreneur at times to design their own Random Question Paper Generator).

Keywords: Contemporary, Iniquitous, Assessment, Unique, Randomization, Inception.

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